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Gratitude Ripple is a powerful "trackable" and "sharable" book about the power of expressing Gratitude to someone in your life. This is more than a book you read; it's a book you become a part of.

This is what you are invited to do with this book... Read the book, download the mobile app that is connected to it, choose someone to express gratitude to with a written message IN the book, track the book in the app, add your message to the app, and then give this book to that person. The impact starts there and then the ripple extends when that person does the same thing to the next person.

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The Tracka'Book / Card mobile app is a unique mobile app that features books that using the Tracka' concept to turn them into "trackable" and "shareable" books. Not only will you use this app to track this book but you'll get access to other books by other authors and even explore how you can use this concept in your own business or message.

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